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My Cancer Journey Part II: What did the cancer come to show me?

What did the cancer come to show me?

What did I learn?

These are the first 2 empowering questions that I asked.

The answers unfolded over time…

It came to show me a deeper layer of appreciating life and the time here. It also motivated me to play full out, I had previously been living small because of the limiting beliefs I had (that weren’t even true!).

It also was an opportunity to see how strong I am and that I am capable of much more than I ever thought before.

What I learned is how to advocate for myself. I had not ever had to make such big decisions about my health, so this was a huge opportunity. I also learned about how my emotions, specifically anger, played a role in creating the cancer. It was shortly after that I met my mentor, Emma Romano, who taught me the modalities to release negative emotion and limiting belief!

The learning continues to unfold as time moves on, so stay tuned for the next video!

Thanks for watching!

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