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A program designed to help you let go of whatever is in the way of creating the relationship you desire!

  • Do you continue to attract people who are wrong for you?
  • Do you struggle with feeling lonely, depressed or anxious about the future?
  • Do you long for that one special person?

The most important relationship is the one with yourself….
Once you get that sorted, everything else can fall into place!

In this program, we delve deep and discover what is holding you back.
This is deep healing of the patterns created in the past, that influence your present…

Clearing these patterns will allow you to be more of your true self.
You may discover that if you let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, about other people or about relationships, that the door will open for new possibilities and new connections!

I can tell you that this works because I have done the work myself!
I met my one and only at 48 years old and we are a perfect match!
I am honored and grateful to share this wisdom and the processes that will help you attract the relationship you long for!!!

Relationship Reboot!!!

This is a program designed specifically for couples.

Have you drifted apart?

Does the spark seem to have diminished?

Is communication more difficult than ever before?

Or is it something else?

In this 12-session program, you are guided to learn lessons from past events that are influencing the present and facilitated to clear the emotional remnants as well as the beliefs you hold about yourself and your partner based on that past.  With this new blank slate, we can build the skills and resources to create the love and connection that may seem to have slipped away.  Together, you build a strong foundation for moving forward in a sustainable way.

Relationship Reboot incorporates many modalities including Timeline Reset, Coaching, NLP, Forgiveness, Hypnosis and so much more. Your issues are addressed on the conscious, unconscious, energetic, spiritual and soul levels.

This program is very different and very effective!

Contact Susan for a complimentary consultation to see if Relationship Reboot is the right program for you!

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens"
Carl Jung