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Timeline Reset

Timeline Reset is a gentle way of removing negative emotions and limiting beliefs!

Very effective for trauma and PTSD, timeline reset combines Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, energy work, and much more. It enables you to release the effects of trauma and the emotional charge this has in your daily life.  The best part is that it is done on a conscious, subconscious, energetic, and cellular level which leads to lasting change!

Clearing old negative impacting emotions and limiting beliefs, that no longer serve you, allows you to shift from striving to thriving and improves all areas of life:  health, relationships, career, self-worth, emotional balance, and spiritual well-being!

Call me for your complimentary discovery session and explore how Timeline Reset can help you live your best life!

Delete Reset

Delete Reset is a deep, powerful and effective way of dealing with addictions and habits by addressing the deeper root cause, instead of the symptom.  It works with the conscious mind, unconscious mind, energetic, cellular and spiritual levels.  Finding the cause and removing it from the entire physical and energetic self leads to rapid immediate change.

This modality can be used to address many things, here are just a few:  Substance Use Disorder (alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc), Sugar Addiction, Neglect, Chronic Fatigue, Self-sabotage, Overeating, smoking, fibromyalgia and so much more!

Call me to set up a complimentary discovery session and find out if Delete Reset is for you!