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Our modern society places so many demands on us. Whether it is work, relationship, child rearing or demands we put on ourselves to be productive, most people in today's world can identify with the condition known as stress! What Guided Meditation offers is a means of disconnecting from the stressors of daily life, even if only for a little while.

With practice, meditation can help us learn how to cope with life’s challenges as they happen, leading to an easier, more joyful life.

Susan uses traditional breathing practices, blended with hypnosis techniques, to guide you into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The result is an experience of quiet stillness that helps you unwind from tension and stress.

One of Susan’s personal passions is teaching people how to find this kind of calm in daily life. Her group sessions are done while sitting in a chair allowing for deep relaxation while being present and awake.

"The difference between meditation and hypnosis is that meditation quiets the mind while hypnosis has a specific intent or purpose."