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Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn to, or have aversions to, certain people or places? Have you had dreams or memories (déjà vu?) that you feel extremely connected with? Do you have physical or emotional issues that you have tried to address and feel that you have done all there is to do? Past Life Regression could be a means of helping you find clarity and healing for these issues. Past Life Regression is a process where hypnosis techniques are used to gently guide you back in time to other lifetimes, where it is possible to uncover events that may have led to difficulties in the present. Through the process of remembering, the energy or deep memory of said event seems to dissipate, leaving the client with a feeling of ease, relaxation and overall sense of well-being. Past Life Regression is also a useful tool in learning about your soul’s journey, who you are at your core and why you are here!

“The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic space and time. It can remember everything from any time. It can transmit creative solutions to our problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon a wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities.”

Brian Weiss – Through Time Into Healing