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R.E.A.L. Self-Empowerment Program

Release, Elevate, Align with Love
Self-Empowerment Program

Wake up feeling lighter, happier and more confident!
Have more control over your emotions!
Improve your Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health!

This program is for you if you want to:
• Free yourself from negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and repeating old habits and patterns.
• Improve your confidence and state of mind
• See your relationship with yourself and others grow from surviving to thriving
• Align with your true self, unapologetically and with complete authenticity
• Remember who you were before the world told you who to be

This is a 6-month journey of self-awareness, self-growth, and self-empowerment. Incorporating a series of proven modalities, Susan will guide you through releasing the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that keep you stuck. She supports you to be able to heal the old wounds and change the old, outdated programs that run in the unconscious mind, bringing awareness, understanding and ultimately a new vision of yourself and your future. You will learn tools and strategies that you can use for years to come.

This program is different, it works, and it is a very powerful, effective way to change! It is done in the conscious, unconscious, energetic, cellular and soul levels.
Susan creates a loving and nurturing environment that supports your growth in a safe and effective way. She infuses a lot of humor along the way, which can help bring the darker parts into the light!

About the program:
12 – 90 minute 1:1 (face to face - in person or via zoom) self-empowerment mentoring sessions
12 – ½ hour phone chats between sessions (for questions, reinforcement, or further training)
Email or pm access – 24/7 (response within 24 hours)
This is personal and customized for your individual needs incorporating, but not limited to:
Hypnosis and NLP techniques
Release of unwanted, negative emotions and limiting beliefs
Forgiveness Healing
Inner Child Healing
Reclaiming Personal Power
Healing Soul Fragments
Healing the Energy Field
Hypnosis Recordings
Personal Affirmations Recordings

What you will learn:
What is empowerment, the structure of reality, boundaries (both physical and energetic), the comfort zone vs. the growth zone, how to curb negative judgement, life’s peaks and valleys, 6 human needs and so much more!

Susan is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and Self-Empowerment Coach certified in several modalities including Timeline Reset, Family Freedom Protocol, Delete Reset, Self-Empowerment Practitioner Training, Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, as well as 60+ years of life ezperience! She has been on a healing path since the age of 25 and has experienced receiving every modality she offers. Her work is informed by and incorporates her own personal journey!

For more information or to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation, reach out to Susan at